"Do you have $10 million and an urge to spy?"Listen now | Earth-observation satellites for sale, spicy UN COPUOS proceedings, and ChatGPT gives H.A.L. 9000 vibes
Celestial Citizen Season 4 Ep. 11 with Elliot Roth Available Now!
Heart muscle tissue heads to the ISS, the 90’s show up for Venus, and the many ways cash was king in space this week
Celestial Citizen Season 4 Ep. 10 with Kara Cunzeman Available Now!
Celestial Citizen Season 4 Ep. 9 with Dr. Mary-Jane Rubenstein Available Now!
Discussing the ethics of space exploration
Time and Tide Wait for No MoonListen now (42 min) | A lunar time zone, 3D printed rockets, and ChatGPT gets us thinking about Venus flytraps in space.
Okay not really...but we love song title jokes.
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